Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 5

Well, this is it. Preperation for our big project; creating our own web site. I have been trying to come up with a layout in my mind. Actually, I have come up with a rough draft, but I keep thinking that maybe I will do it a little differently. My topic is going to be my family. Two other subjects that I had tossed around was a work website (but we already have a web site), and a web site for a church (one of my bosses if a pasture in a small church, but he has recently started a site for his church). I guess the home page will touch on my family. This is probably the hardest part since it entails writing about myself (one of my least favorite topics to talk, or write about). The other three pages of my site will be about my wife, my son, and my daughter (three people, three pages. At least that works out well). Each page will have a photo(s) and will talk about that particular member of my family. I have been taking pictures and trying to decide which ones to use on my site. Taking pictures is something that I never really got into. I have a pretty good concept of what I want my webpage to look like and how it will be laid out, but I haven't come up with a name yet. The hardest part is waiting until class to see if I can make it work or not and what it will look like, because I don't have Frontpage on my PC. I think that this is one of the drawbacks for this class, that we are working on software that we cannot even get a trial version of. At least by planning it out ahead of time, I can spend most of my time trying to make the creation match the concept, and not have to waste time on trying to design and create at the same time. The best I can do is try to have my concept, photos and everything else in order, and hope that I can make it work when I am in class. Or, who knows, I may scrub the whole idea and go a different direction (I have been known to make drastic last minute changes).

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