Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 4

Well, it's more reading about web sites. First off, the book covered how easy it is to start a web page (body text, background color, graphics and hyperlinks, & tables); all stuff we pretty much covered in last weeks class. It also covered planning your site (the site layout as well as the folder layout and the importance of naming your files), just reaffirming more things we covered in class. It all seems so easy that anyone can make a web site, but the web articles warn that there is more to consider if you want your site to get noticed on the web. In addition to design basics (some more are covered in the web articles), they also touch on the use of tags to make your site more accessible to search engines. With all the web building tools availible (the one article is all but a add for Site Build It), anybody can build their own web site with almost no experience. The problem is, if you want the site to get noticed by people outside your circle of friends, you are probably going to have to do a little research and planning. If it is a site to promote a business, you may be better off hiring someone who knows the ins & outs of web page design and the little tricks of the trade. If your budget doesn't allow for a professional programmer, study the basics and prepare to spend some time planning and building your site so that it gets noticed (for all the right reasons).

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